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Welcome to the website of Transportes Menorca

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Welcome to the website of Transportes Menorca. We hope you enjoy our island in harmony and comfort, while our buses take you to your destination. 

Our aim is to offer our passengers the best service and clearest information so that public transport can establish itself in Minorca as a responsible, comfortable and economical way of moving around. We want the experience of travelling with TMSA to be useful for residents of our island and also for visitors.

Bon voyage!

Latest Highlights

Change of location of the "Hipódromo" bus stop from Saturday October 1, 2016
Publication Date:30/09/2016Author: TMSA
From Saturday October 1, 2016 the "HIPÒDROM" bus stop change to its new location in front of the Hippodrome
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Publication Date:29/06/2016Author: TMSA

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Acceptance of bicycles as baggage
Publication Date:26/02/2016Author: TMSA
From next day March 1, 2016, TO ACCEPT BICYCLES AS BAGGAGE, the following requirements must be met: 
1) THEY ARE COMPLETELLY PROTECTED by a bike cover or a bike transport bag in order to prevent damage to the rest of baggage. 
2) The PASSENGER’S HAND LUGGAGE WILL HAVE ABSOLUTE PRIORITY on bicycles in the vehicle luggage compartment. Therefore, they will be charged at last minute before departure. 
3) The MAXIMUM NUMBER of bicycles is 1 per trip. 
Section 76.2.d of the Regulations on Land Transportation

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