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List of Services

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With this List of Services, we aim to inform our customers of our commitment to quality, the environment and the health and safety of our workers, as well as our desire to keep improving day by day.

Details of the operating company

Transportes Menorca is the company that has been entrusted with providing the public transport service by bus on the Mahon to Ciutadella route, as well as on other routes. TMSA has been doing this since 1907, when it started to provide this service.

Camí de ses Rodees, 5
POIMA, 07714 Mahón

Telephone: (34) 971 360 475
Fax: (34) 971 354 007

Services offered by TMSA

- Scheduled passenger transport by road: we operate the following routes, with specific timetables and services at each time of year.

L1. Mahon - Alaior - Es Mercadal - Ferreries - Ciutadella
L2. Mahon - Es Castell
L3. Mahon - Sant Lluís
L18. Bintaufa schools shutlle
L21. Mahon - Sant Climent
L31. Mahon - Cala En Porter
L73. Mahon - Alaior - Es Migjorn Gran
L74. Es Migjorn Gran - Es Mercadal

- School transport: various routes to/from towns or villages and areas on the outskirts of Mahon, such as Trebaluger, Es Castell, Sant Lluis, Punta Prima, S’Algar and other developments on the south coast.

- Information about routes and times of each route is available in three forms:

• Pocket route maps.
• Route maps in the bus-shelters.
• The TMSA website (

Customer Service

TMSA has made the following means of communication available to its clients so that they can give their opinions, suggestions or any other type of communication they may desire.
In person: at our office during office hours.
In writing (Complaints/Suggestions Sheet)
By post: at the company address given in the Contact Us section.

By Telephone
Office: (34) 971 360 475 at the following times: from 8.00 to 14.00h. Monday to Friday.
By Fax: (34) 971 354 007

By Internet
Using the form provided on the company’s website ( to record any communication you might wish to make. Our Facebook and Twitter pages are also available.


Quality Commitment

As part of the range of indicators and methods for measuring the quality of the service that TMSA is implementing, we have outlined below the series of commitments which the company makes to its passengers and which we believe are fundamental to achieving our strategic objectives:

Information at bus stops:

The posts at the bus-stops and the bus-shelters will have the following information as minimum:
The name of the stop.
The numbers of the routes that use that stop.
A description of the routes and their timetables.
The customer-service telephone number.

Information on the buses:

Information inside the buses
All buses will have the following information in their interior as a minimum:
Indication of the current fare for a single ticket.
Indication of the maximum amount for which the driver is obliged to provide change.

Information on the outside

All buses have the following information on the exterior as a minimum:
The route number (front and rear).
Indication of the direction of the route (front).
Indication, where appropriate, that the bus is out of service or on its way to the garage (front).

Cleaning the buses:

All buses which will be in service the next day are cleaned externally.
All buses which will be in service the next day are cleaned thoroughly inside.

Customer service (handling complaints):

All complaints and messages from our passengers are investigated and recorded.
All of them are answered (by telephone or using the same method by which they were made) within 20 days of receiving them.

 Customer service (handling lost property):

Any property lost by passengers (on the buses or in the company’s facilities) are collected, recorded and stored in accordance with the appropriate procedure.

If the lost item has sufficient information about the passenger, the company will contact the passenger to inform them that the item can be collected.

 Our fleet of buses:

Our fleet is always updated by acquiring buses which comply with the most recent environmental rules in place.

 Our commitment to accessibility:

Where necessary, people with reduced mobility will find mechanical or manually-operated facilities provided in order to access our buses.

At present over 50% of our vehicles are adapted for people with reduced mobility with the provision of various facilities such as an access ramp for wheelchair users, and a reserved space in the vehicle for them. Furthermore, they have also been adapted for other types of disability such as visual and hearing problems through information panels and interior loudspeaker systems respectively.