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Transportes Menorca is the company that has been entrusted with running the public transport by bus service on the route between Mahon and Ciutadella, as well as on other routes.

Transportes Menorca has a fleet of 27 buses which operate a total of 16 scheduled routes. Its buses run 365 days a year. Every year, they cover around 1,600,000 kilometres and carry over 1,300,000 passengers.

TMSA’s commitment is to offer an efficient and effective public transportation service with the highest quality standards, while paying constant attention to our clients’ needs.

We perform our activities with particular attention to all aspects connected to protecting the environment, energy efficiency and the safety of our passengers.

Transportes Menorca aims to innovate continuously by introducing and developing technological projects which enable us to improve the information we provide our passengers and the ways we communicate with them.