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Recommendations on the use of the equipment in the vehicles and what to do in an emergency.

Opening the Doors in an Emergency
The opening mechanism is located near the doors and is clearly visible.
It should only be used when the vehicle has stopped, and by following the instructions. On using it, the doors will unlock and open immediately. It should only be used in emergency situations.

Emergency Hammers
Hammers for breaking the windows are located near the windows which are marked "emergency exit". If you cannot find them, ask the driver. Only use them if it is impossible to leave through the doors.

Central Aisle
Make sure that none of your personal property can block the aisle. This space must always be kept clear.

First Aid Kit
This is obligatory in all buses. It can normally be found at the front, and is identified by a symbol.

The Driver
Your driver is a professional who has been specially trained for this job, and is your "safety specialist".
Please follow his or her instructions.

You are responsible for your luggage. Place it in the hold. Hand luggage and other objects must be placed only in the luggage racks or nets provided for this purpose. You must ensure they cannot fall on the floor.

Seat Belt
If your seat has a seat belt, make sure you use it.

Please comply with the smoking ban and obey the signs.

Fire Extinguisher
This is located at the front of the vehicle, normally near the driver’s seat.

In Case of Emergency
1. Stay calm. Leave the vehicle quickly, leaving your belongings behind.
2. Use the doors and, if necessary, the nearest and most easily accessible emergency exits.
3. Move away from the vehicle. Move to a safe place away from traffic.
4. In the event of a minor fire, use the extinguisher, following the instructions. If the fire spreads or produces a lot if smoke, leave the vehicle quickly.
5. Inform the emergency services.

Emergency services: 112
Ambulance:   061
Red Cross:   (34) 902 222 292